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Superior functionality with unparalleled flexibility

Bloomy's ARINC 429 C Series module for NI CompactRIO platform facilitates test and simulation of systems which incorporate ARINC 429, the predominant avionics data bus for commercial and transport aircraft.

By leveraging the NI CompactRIO architecture, the module takes advantage of the real-time controller and FPGA functionality to provide a flexible software-based configuration and a full command interface for custom applications.

LabVIEW drivers and example code are available to allow users to rapidly develop custom applications.

The module is available with either four or eight independently direction-selectable channels. A fault-injection version of the module is available which injects errors between transmitters and receivers.

For additional information download the ARINC 429 cRIO Module product sheet.

Bloomy's ARINC 429 cRIO module can be used in a range of test, monitoring, and simulation applications including:

  • Aircraft system monitoring and diagnostics
  • Flight line diagnostics
  • Operational flight program (OFP) upload/verification
  • Fault code download
  • Device simulation
  • Functional unit testing

Contact us if you would like to discuss your application with an engineer.

ARINC 429 cRIO module features include:

  • Software-selectable bus speed for each transmit channel
  • Automatic bus speed recognition for each receive channel
  • Hardware-based periodic message transmission
  • Hardware-based accelerated received message indexing by label
  • Small FPGA footprint
  • Direct transmit and receive buffer access
  • Available real-time inline fault injection
  • Includes LabVIEW drivers and example code
  • 4 or 8 channels with independent, software-selectable direction
  • 12.5kb/s and 100kb/s software-selectable bus speed
  • Short-circuit proof transmit channels
  • -40°C - 70°C environmental temperature
  • 9V - 36V, 250mA (max.) external power supply
Part NumberDescription
1200-00026-44-Channel ARINC-429 Module
1200-00026-88-Channel ARINC-429 Module
1200-00026-4F4-Channel Inline Fault Injection Module (available 2019Q4)
1200-00026-8F8-Channel Inline Fault Injection Module (available 2019Q4)

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