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Bloomy Controls has developed automated test systems for a wide range of industries and product types. While no test system can be truly universal, Bloomy Controls Universal Test System contains a core set of components that can be quickly adapted to meet a wide range of testing challenges. Using a standard core platform and implementing system specific upgrades greatly reduces the development time and cost of a new test system.

Standard Components
Bloomy Controls' Universal Test System includes:
  • 19" Rack for mounting components
  • National Instruments PXI platform:
    • 8-slot chassis
    • Windows XP Dual core controller
    • 6.5 Digit DMM
    • 64 Channel 300V Multiplexer
    • 32 Channel 24V Digital IO
    • 16 Analog Inputs, 2 Analog outputs
    • Triple output Power Supply
  • Rack mount keyboard, touchpad
  • 17" LCD monitor, adjustable monitor arm
  • E-stop safety switch
  • Mass Interconnect with up to 12 IO blocks
  • 5VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC Power
Optional Components
Optional additional components include, but not limited to:
  • 850W Power Supplies up to 600VDC
  • Electronic loads
  • Additional IO modules
  • Flash memory programming
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Custom reports (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML)
  • Database integration
One or more fixtures can be developed that connect to the Universal Test System through the mass interconnect. Depending on the test requirements fixtures can be cabled or bed-of-nails style. Each fixture is electronically keyed so that the test system can automatically detect the fixture and select the appropriate test sequence. Safety interlocks are included to cut high voltage power when the fixture is opened.

The test software is developed using National Instruments TestStand as the test executive with individual test steps written in LabVIEW. The test sequence will be slightly different for each fixture and device-type, but development time is greatly reduced by re-using a library of prewritten modules. A simple, intuitive user interface allows the operator to select a test sequence, enter a serial number, and monitor test execution. Basic HTML, XML, ATML or text file report generation is included.

Exact pricing will depend on the specific configuration, but a basic Universal Test System with standard components costs about $39k. Fixtures start at $12k including basic test sequence development.

The Universal Test System can be tailored for use in many industries including Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Telecommunications. Please contact Bloomy Controls to request a quote for your test system.

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Universal Test System
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Bloomy Controls, Inc. - Control system Lithium-ion battery test See automation and control systems we've developed for customers. Lithium-ion battery test
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Universal Test System
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Bloomy Controls, Inc. - Control system LabVIEW training, MA
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