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functional test, ruggedized.

Reliable connections to unit under test (UUT) test points are essential for robust functional test.   Bloomy provides rugged fixtures and cable sets (ITAs)  built for thousands and thousands of cycles in manufacturing environments. With the industry’s best mass interconnects and internal electronic keying, our fixtures are easy to change out and are automatically recognized by the test system.

Fixture types:

  • Bed-of-nails contacts to UUT test points and pins
  • Cable harness connections to UUT
  • Self-test for verification of UTS base instrumentation
  • Cable sets with mass interconnect plugs (i1, iCON)

Bloomy makes test fixtures the right way, with features like Virginia Panel Corp (VPC) mass interconnects, stripper plates to protect pogo pins during load and unload of the UUT, linear application of force to PCBAs in overclamp fixtures, and sacrificial interposer cables to maintain reliable cable connections. Such interface test adapters (ITA) provide easy to maintain and reliable service in manufacturing operations.  

Fixtures are substantially customized, and generally include items such as:

  • Semco CAM/TRAC overclamp fixture mechanisms
  • VPC ITA components (such as: i1, iCON, G12, G18 and 9025)