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Bloomy is Ready for NIWeek 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Bloomy team is ready for NIWeek 2018, the 24th annual conference for NI’s software-centric platform for accelerating development and increasing productivity in test, measurement, and control, to be held on Monday, May 21st through Thursday, May 24th at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX.

Last year, Bloomy’s Electronics Functional Test (EFT) Module for TestStand was a finalist for the LabVIEW Tools Network Application Enablement Product of the Year award for exhibiting the highest level of excellence and NI platform alignment. This year Bloomy will announce the release of version 2.2 and demonstrate some of the many new features and enhancements at Bloomy's Electronics Assembly Test kiosk.

Additionally, Bloomy’s world-class team will present four technical sessions spanning topics from SLSC sensor simulations for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing in mil-aero applications to digital pattern generation techniques using LabVIEW FPGA. All of Bloomy's technical sessions focus on lowering cost and increasing productivity, enabling you to reach your future faster. Don't forget to fill out a Request for a Digital Copy card during any Bloomy technical session or pick one up at the Bloomy booth and you will be entered into a drawing for a $100.00 AMEX gift card.

Come see the latest Bloomy and NI technology on display at booth #205

Stop by the Bloomy pavilion, booth #205 on the expo hall floor, where Bloomy will feature demos in aerospace real-time test, electronic assembly functional test, and battery test and simulation.

  • The NI HIL Simulator incorporates NI platforms and architectures to create flexible closed-loop simulations for real-time testing of a wide range of devices. This demo will showcase several deployed systems for aerospace LRU testing, as well as the Bloomy products that enable them.
  • The Electronics Functional Test exhibit demonstrates how Bloomy’s Electronics Functional Test (EFT) Module for TestStand can reduce test software development and deployment time while improving standardization and quality. The demonstration will show the benefits of the cUTS platform, as well as the EFT Module’s hardware abstraction, manufacturing operator interface, and SQL database reporting features.
  • The BMS HIL Test System demo is a small-scale demonstration of Bloomy’s BMS HIL Test System, an open system platform that hybrid and electric vehicle companies use for firmware development and regression testing of battery management systems (BMS).

All of Bloomy's demonstrations include a slide show detailing some of the many systems and enabling technologies that Bloomy delivers.

Learn from Bloomy experts

Several members of Bloomy’s world-class team will present technical sessions. Attendees are encouraged to pre-register for these sessions using the conference mobile application. Space will be limited!

TS 1283 - Eliminate Point-to-Point Wiring to Reduce Cost, Time, and Risk

Presented by: Program Manager, Real-Time Test , Steven Hoenig
Date: Tuesday, May 22nd
Time: 4:45 - 5:45pm
Location: Room 12A

For HIL Test systems forget custom design and wiring. Instead use PXI, SLSC, new modular core HW architectures with well-defined interfaces. A near complete system can be specified and constructed using COTS, modular parts. 

Join Steven and learn how one can accelerate the construction of systems that are well organized and easy to maintain with lower cost, lead time and risk.

TS 1228 - Bloomy's EFT Helps Bose BEAT Down the Cost of Test Development

Presented by: Chief Technology Officer, Grant Gothing of Bloomy and Lead Software Test Engineer/Manager, Jim Kostinden of Bose Corporation
Date: Thursday, May 24th
Time: 1:45 - 2:45pm
Location: Room 16A

A standardized TestStand architecture greatly reduces the cost and time of automated test.

Join Grant and Jim as they explain how they combined their architectures (Bloomy's commercial EFT Module and Bose's proprietary BEAT) to increase their capabilities, shorten development, and expand the overall TestStand user base.

TS 1344 - SLSC Sensor Simulations for HIL in Mil-Aero Applications

Presented by: Principal Electrical Engineer, Bill Eccles
Date: Thursday, May 24th
Time: 11:00am - noon
Location: Room 12A

Simulating mil-aero sensors for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) demonstrations can be a tricky business, but the switch load and signal conditioning (SLSC) architecture offers a new solution that makes commercial off-the-shelf simulations feasible.

Join Bill as he describes the SLSC technology enabling its variable differential transformer, thermocouple, discrete, and load simulations.

TS 1504 - Running in Circles: Digital Pattern Generation

Presented by: Senior Software Architect, Ryan Vallieres
Date: Thursday, May 24th
Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm
Location: Room 12B

The objective of DDS is to provide a highly flexible and accurate analog/digital output generation mechanism. It excels at producing signals with extremely sensitive timing requirements, like frequency sweeps and high-frequency voltage switching (>1MHz).

Join Ryan as he explores implementing your own DDS engine in FPGA.

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