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Bloomy Launch Description

Bloomy Launch is a service for project teams who want to minimize development time while maximizing productivity. A Bloomy engineer will work with your team to develop a software architecture, training plan, and the infrastructure needed to make your project a success. Once the architecture has been developed we will address your team’s skills gaps through targeted high-density training. When necessary we will assist with setup and training on industry standard software configuration management tools. 

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Bloomy Launch Outline

2 Days of Software Architecture (Onsite or at Bloomy)

  • Work with software team to assess current state of code
  • Pick a software architecture that fits the use case
  • Assess refactoring efforts needed for software architecture upgrade
  • Begin groundwork for architectural framework
  • Identify training needs

3 Days of Training (Onsite or at Bloomy)

  • High density training targeted at knowledge needed to work with new architecture
  • Build up architectural framework through training
  • Refactor existing code into new framework when feasible

2 Days of Project Assessment (Onsite)

  • Source code control
  • Requirements development
  • Unit testing needs
  • Defining an acceptance test
  • Development roadmap