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A versatile solution for the SLSC platform

Bloomy’s Multipurpose Module for SLSC provides a convenient location in an SLSC system for applications ranging from a simple rearrangement of signals to installation of circuits and components. Both front panel connectors are mapped to screw terminals, through holes, and surface-mount technology pads thus accommodating a wide variety of components. Breakout areas for all rear transition interface (RTI) pins simplify integration into SLSC-based systems. On-board power supplies (±15VDC, +5V, and +3.3V) are also made available for the user’s analog and digital circuits. The module features a considerable amount of available board space for user applications.

The supplied VeriStand and LabVIEW drivers provides a high level of integration into the SLSC system.

This module requires only an SLSC chassis to function.

For additional information download the Multipurpose Module product sheet.

Bloomy's Multipurpose Module can be used in a range of test system applications including:

  • Real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)/closed-loop test systems
  • Electronic engine control (EEC) test systems
  • Flight control computer (FCC) test systems
  • Environmental control test systems

Contact us if you would like to discuss your application with an engineer.

Multipurpose Module features include:

  • Standards-compliant SLSC module
  • Simple integration with other mil/aero SLSC system components
  • Breakout areas for connections to all RTI pins
  • On-board DC power supplies for user applications
  • Screw terminals, solder pads, and through holes for multiple component types
Meets National Instruments SLSC Module Specification
RequiresSLSC system
Connectors2x HD44F
Power+15VDC/33mA, -15VDC/33mA, +5VDC/200mA, +3.3VDC/33mA
Software InterfaceLabVIEW Driver 2015+
VeriStand Driver 2015+
Part NumberDescription
1200-00036Multipurpose Module for SLSC

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