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Real-time hardware in-the-loop (HIL) test of flight control systems and energy management for eVTOL aircraft

The eVTOL HIL Test System provides an integrated, closed-loop test environment for dynamic testing of flight control systems and battery management systems for electric aircraft. The system simulates both batteries as well as any control surface activities which may occur during forward flight as well as during transitional flight.

The eVTOL HIL Test System delivers repeatable, cost-effective testing in a fraction of the time needed to create bespoke, custom in-house simulation systems.

In a first-of-its kind commercial application, Bloomy’s premier battery simulator, the 12-cell Bloomy BS1200, is used in conjunction with industry-standard components from National Instruments, The MathWorks, Virginia Panel Corporation, Bloomy and others. Control of the simulations of the aircraft, control surfaces, and the batteries is performed using one common test executive to simplify implementation of System Integration Labs (SILs). Scripted tests created using COTS scripting languages ensure that testing is repeatable and efficient.

Bloomy's eVTOL Integrated HIL Test System can be used in a range of test system applications including:

  • System Integration Labs (SILs)
  • Development of control laws prior to physical test
  • Development, production, or maintenance test
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)/Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)

Bloomy's eVTOL Integrated HIL Test System features include:

  • World-class battery simulation for battery management system test
  • Simulation environment for comprehensive flight control system test
  • Analog I/O including thermistors, RTDs, strain gages
  • Actuator loads including inductive solenoids, torque motors, and indicators
  • Discrete switch signals such as open/ ground, open/Vcc, open/closed
  • Digital communications including ARINC-429, MIL-STD-1553B, FireWire, AFDX, serial
  • Simulation-controlled variable DC power supplies and 1Ø/3Ø AC supplies
  • ThroughPoint™ Interface Panels with integrated breakout box functionality
Signal Conditioning and Communication I/O
Interface Type 
VDT/Resolver simulation (4W, 5W, 6W)*+RS-422
Thermocouple simulation*+ARINC-429
RTD simulation*+AFDX/ARINC-664
Thermistor simulation+MIL-STD-1553B
Strain Gauge simulation+IRIG B
Loads (torque motors, solenoid, lamp, etc.)*+Ethernet Test Bus
Discretes (one-wire and two-wire)+DC Power
Differential analog outputs to UUT+AC Power
Potentiometer/variable resistor simulation 
Fault Insertion
*Open circuit fault included.
Other fault conditions (short to ground, pin to pin short, etc.) optional for all signal types
+Self-test standard, calibration optional
Cell Channel Simulation
Simulator TypeBloomy BS1200
Number of Channels12
Channel TypeSink and Source
Voltage Range0.0 to 5.0V
Voltage Resolution0.1 mV

Voltage Accuracy
(requires remote sense)

±3 mV
Current Range±500.0 mA
(output derates linearly under 2V)
Current Resolution0.1 mA
Current Accuracy±4 mA
Current Limiting Accuracy±10 mA
Isolation1000V *
* Precautions are required for voltages exceeding 140V. Please refer to Application Note 8700- 00038:
   Using the Battery Simulator 1200 in High-Voltage Applications.
Channel Readback
Voltage Resolution0.1 mV
Voltage Accuracy±3 mV
Current Resolution0.1 mA
Current Accuracy±4 mA
Digital I/O
Channels8 (bidirectional)
Logic Level3.3V
Computing Resources
Real-Time Simulation HostPXIe-based, RTOS, up to 8-Core Xeon
Instrumentation and System ManagementPXIe-based, Windows, up to 8-Core Xeon
Software Environments
Real-time FrameworkNI VeriStand
Test ExecutiveNI TestStand, Python
Data Acquisition and ProgrammingNI LabVIEW, C/C++
Data Management and AnalysisNI DIAdem
Software Models23 model types, including LabVIEW, Simulink, MatrixX, C/C++, MapleSim
System Dimensions and Power
System Chassis1- or 2-bay 40U equipment racks
1-bay:    approx. 78"H (with locking casters) x 23"W x 36"D
2-bay:   approx. 78"H (with locking casters) x 46"W x 36"D
WeightConfiguration dependent
Power RequirementsPower requirements vary with selected Ac and DC power supply options
Emergency Power OffStandard
Uninterruptible Power SourceStandard for all computing resources
1-year warranty on all hardware components, optional extended warranties available
3-year software service plan on all NI software products

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