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Over the last two decades, Bloomy has developed hundreds of embedded control systems ranging from custom systems with PID control algorithms to commercial products with single-board controllers and high speed FPGA algorithms. Applications include design, development, and prototyping of OEM products; power grid asset monitoring and control, programmable instrumentation, military research and development, hardware-in-the-loop testing, manufacturing process control, and machine control.

Bloomy is a National Instruments (NI) Platinum Alliance Partner and has the most NI Certified LabVIEW Embedded Developers of any NI partner. We have experience with the full range of NI embedded targets including compactRIO, FlexRIO, R-series, Single-Board RIO, and embedded vision systems.

NI CompactRIO

Wireless data acquisition module

Portable data acquisition unit


Verilog source code

Process Control Panel Exterior

Process Control Panel Interior

EnergyMAX Demo Panel

Laser Controller (3)