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functional test, maximized.

Extend test to encompass copious test points and DUT varieties along with real-time, hardware-in-the-loop and other state-of-the-art instrumentation. extendedUTS (xUTS) is a custom product for high complexity functional test. Configured for the unique needs of a class of devices under test (DUTs), the xUTS employs our universal test system approach that combines the best open platform instrumentation and software along with mass interconnect technology.

xUTS is best suited for:

  • Test of complex and/or numerous DUTs
  • Very high number of test points
  • Plethora of instruments/supplies needed
  • Real-time and/or HIL testing
  • High reliability device test
  • Industrial/Equipment manufacturers
  • Military/aerospace contractors
  • Medical device manufacturers

Sometimes test systems need to handle very complex or a huge variety of DUTs that require the use of many types of instrumentation, power supplies, computing architectures and techniques. Bloomy has integrated many of these sophisticated functional test and hardware-in-the-loop systems. Each employ a mass interconnect to interface the test instrumentation with the device under test through an interface test adapter (ITA). Many systems also include a self-test ITA and test sequence so that the instrumentation can be verified for proper operation up to and through the mass interconnect.

Typical components of the extendedUTS include:

  •     18 slot PXIe chassis with quad core controller
  •     VPC G12, G18 or 9025 mass interconnect interface jack (receiver)
  •     Programmable AC and DC power supplies
  •     Programmable loads
  •     Uninterruptible power supply
  •     Bloomy power distribution and control

Devices under test by the extendedUTS are connected via interface test adapters (ITA). Bloomy can provide turnkey cables and ITA fixtures along with test sequence development.

A Self-test Suite is also available that includes a specially configured i1 plug and test sequence to exercise all of the instrumentation and switching though to the mass interconnect, assuring the proper functioning of the xUTS in day-to-day test operations.