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Adding Test Selection to Your TestStand Sequence

February 20, 2024


As a principal test engineer at BLOOMY®, one of my roles is to anticipate our customers’ test requirements so that we can evolve our automated test solutions to meet their current and future needs. A common request I receive is the ability for the user to interactively select which tests to run from a menu of tests on the user interface, prior to test sequence execution.


Test Operator Feedback with the EFT Module for TestStand

October 2, 2017

How Bloomy’s Manufacturing Operator Interface for TestStand provides feedback tools to improve operator efficiency.

When developing automated tests for a product, we as test engineers typically focus on what we see as the two most important tasks: ensuring the test works properly, and ensuring appropriate results are collected. Because of this, the person who spends the most time on the system, the test operator, can often be forgotten.


The UTS Software Suite from Bloomy

May 24, 2016

A universal test system software architecture

Are you developing test sequences using NI TestStand? If so, beware that a lot more goes into a full test architecture than test sequences. In our experiences, test developers often focus solely on the test sequences and code modules, leaving items like file management, hardware abstraction, operator interfaces, and result processing all but forgotten until you run into a problem. Unfortunately, these items often take longer to develop, and require more in-depth TestStand knowledge than the test sequences themselves.

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Functional Test Target: MRB PCBAs

April 4, 2016

The Material Review Board (MRB) usually consists of a meeting of personnel from Quality, Materials, Purchasing and Manufacturing engineering. The purpose of an MRB is to review rejected material for disposition. Disposition decisions are often made based on schedule requirements, material cost, availability of alternatives, or analysis of the defect. The MRB material of interest is Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs).

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Planning for ATE Success at NIDays

January 13, 2015

Bloomy supported the automated test community with informative presentations and practical exhibits at NIDays North America conferences late in 2014.  Turnkey Systems Manager Grant Gothing presented “Plan for Success with Automated Test” to standing-room-only crowds who learned best practices for creating test requirements, specifying instrumentation, defining interconnects, and selecting the right software architecture.

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