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Test complex subsystems using closed-loop real-time dynamic simulations

Our approach to delivering a high-quality Aerospace, Automated Test Equipment (ATE) asset begins with leveraging National Instruments hardware and software standard platforms. Beginning with high quality instrument platforms for standard Input and Output (I/O), we leverage NI’s PXI and Compact RIO platforms. Extending these system is NI’s unique platform for Switching, Loads and Signal Conditioning (SLSC), which allow the standard I/O to be customized for high performance aerospace industry applications.

Provides eight channels of galvanically-isolated thermocouple simulation
Eight channels of variable differential transformer (VDT) sensor simulation
Isolated current and voltage measurements for 8 on-board 5W loads or off-board 120W loads
Highly-flexible connection between the UUT and other resources
Provides a convenient solution in an SLSC system for a variety of applications
1553 Communications for CompactRIO