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Products and platforms for testing battery management systems and advanced battery cells and packs

The battery cell and pack testing industry is becoming commoditized, with many suppliers providing standard cyclers.  However, the rapid evolution of advanced batteries requires highly flexible test equipment to keep pace with new applications and changing test requirements. Bloomy’s innovative test solutions provide the latest in characterization, cycling, monitoring, communications, and product test fixtures for the manufacturing of intelligent primary and secondary battery cells and packs. Bloomy provides solutions based on the mixed-signal battery test system that include:

  • 100+ channels of primary cell and pack testing (60V, 10A)
  • 150+ channels of advanced Li-ion packs with custom communication and IO interface (4kW)
  • Distributed systems for cell impedance testing at fill stations
  • 200+ channel Li-ion cell life-cycle testing

Battery Management Systems (BMS) are a critical component in advanced batteries, and are often overlooked when validating a battery pack. Bloomy is working closely with battery manufacturers to provide robust test solutions for a BMS throughout the product life cycle. Learn more about our BMS Test Platforms.