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Comprehensive load measurement solution

Bloomy's 8-Channel Load Module provides isolated current and voltage measurements for eight on-board 5W loads or for eight off-board 120W loads. With built-in switching for calibration and fault injection, the module provides unsurpassed capability for Mil/Aero applications. The module also provides switching and connections to allow switching between a real load (e.g., actuator, valve, etc.) and the simulated load.

This module requires the use of a PXIe-6363 high-density analog input or better.

Bloomy's 8-Channel Load Module can be used in a range of test system applications including:

  • Real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)/closed-loop test systems
  • Electronic engine control (EEC) test systems
  • Flight control computer (FCC) test systems
  • Environmental control test systems

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8-Channel Load Module features include:

  • 8 on-board 5W loads or 8 external 120W loads
  • Accommodates 60V/2A loads
  • Complete isolation of voltage and current measurements
  • Automatic calibration of signal conditioning path using SLSC calibration resources as references
  • Optional 1U load chassis with integrated temperature sensing and remote-controlled fans
  • On-board open-circuit fault injection capability
  • DC to 160kHz operation
  • Minimal 3μs propagation delay
  • ±60V, ±30V, ±20V and ±15V voltage input ranges
  • Provides real/sim switching for all loads

Meets National Instruments SLSC Module Specification
RequiresNI PXIe-6363 (or better)
Channels8 on-board 5W loads or 8 external 120W loads (optional load chassis required)
Accuracy0.1% current, ±5% voltage
ConnectorsHD44F, DB25F
Software InterfaceLabVIEW Driver 2015+
VeriStand Driver 2015+
Part NumberDescription
1200-000298-Channel 5W Load Module for SLSC
1200-00035Remote Load Chassis, 16 channel, 1U, 320W max. dissipation (available Q4 2018)
1200-00024Remote Load Chassis, 16 channel, 3U, 640W max. dissipation (available Q4 2018)

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