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Fast and flexible connections for SLSC system integration

Bloomy's ThroughPoint™ Interface Panel provides a simple, yet highly-flexible connection between the unit under test and resources in a National Instruments Switch/Load/Signal Conditioning (SLSC)-based test system.

The panel uses Virginia Panel Corporation’s highly-reliable, high-density i2 Micro iCon connector to route 160 UUT signals to multiple SLSC modules and other system resources. Connections within the system are made with standard D-shell connectors. Each of the UUT signals passes through a pair of standard 2mm test points which allows each signal to be disconnected, probed and patched for the ultimate in test flexibility. Unlike breakout boxes, which often get “borrowed” on a semi-permanent basis, the breakout functionality built into the system cannot be removed and is always available.

ThroughPoint™ Interface Panel features include:

  • Simple integration with National Instruments SLSC system
  • 160 signals with 100% test point coverage
  • Highly-reliable, zero-insertion-force UUT connector
  • 36 keying combinations for mistake-proof UUT connections
  • Reduced system lead-time and operating costs
  • Optional right-handed configuration for high density applications

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The ThroughPoint™ panel reduces integration time through the use of standardized connectors and pinouts in SLSC system. All connections to the panel are made using off-the-shelf D-shell cables (also available from Bloomy) consisting of a mix of HD44, D9 and D25 connectors. These cables reduce the hand wiring in the system which reduces effort and errors.


Front Panel ConnectorVirginia Panel Corporation i2 Micro iCon, 168 pin
Maximum Voltage60VDC (contact Bloomy for higher voltage applications)
Maximum Current2A per pin
Height3U (5.25")
CompatibilityAll 44-pin SLSC modules
Part NumberDescription
1200-00020-00Legacy ThroughPoint™ Interface Panel (not recommended for new designs)
1200-00020-01ThroughPoint™ Interface Panel, left VPC
1200-00020-02ThroughPoint™ Interface Panel, right VPC

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