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Test and simulation systems supporting the growth of electric vehicles

The major challenges the automotive industry faces for growing electric vehicle (EV) adoption are increasing range and longevity while decreasing the cost, without sacrificing safety and performance.  EV battery packs include an advanced battery management system (BMS) that performs critical functions, including cell monitoring, balancing and protection, state of charge and state of health estimation, pack charge and discharge control, and vehicle communications. The BMS allows EV companies to fine-tune the battery's functions in order to optimize EV performance.

Bloomy, a leader in automated test solutions for emerging and mission-critical applications, offers a family of BMS test products to improve BMS test efficiency throughout the product life cycle.  Products and platforms include:

Additionally, Bloomy provides services to EV companies to develop and integrate custom systems for EV components such as chargers, power converters and inverters, or the complete battery pack.