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functional test, simplified.

Get the essentials of measurement automation to power tests of simpler PCBAs and subassemblies. compactUTS (cUTS) is a cost-effective platform for automating manual tests of devices with fewer than fifty cable-accessible test points in manufacturing environments with moderate production volume. Unit under test (UUT)-specific electrically keyed cables make changeover quick and easy.


compactUTS is best suited for:

  • Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) functional test
  • Subassembly functional test
  • Electronic product manufacturers
  • CM and EMS service firms
  • Defense/aerospace contractors
  • Medical Device manufacturers




Electronics manufacturing needs low-cost automated mixed-signal functional test (FCT) for assemblies that justify automation over manual processes. We created the compactUTS (cUTS), for FCT of simpler PCBAs and subassemblies, where the signals to test are available by cable connections.  Powered by NI USB instrumentation, a robust VPC i1 mass-interconnect jack and our own power control and switch matrix electronics, the cUTS is driven by a standard Windows PC or notebook computer that runs test procedures developed with our Universal Test System software suite of NI TestStand and LabVIEW modules. You can also develop your own software using the included LabVIEW drivers or Windows DLL. Connections to devices under test are described in the Connections tab above.

NI USB-4065 Digital Multi Meter (DMM)
Resolution6 1/2 digit, 22-bit
FunctionsVDC, IDC, VAC, IAC, 2- or 4-wire resistance
NI USB-6341 X-Series Data Acquisition
Analog Input16 SE / 8 differential
+10V, 16-bit, 500kS/s
Analog Output2 SE
+10V, 16-bit, 900kS/s
Digital I/O8-ch, TTL, bi-directional, 1MHz
Counter/Timer4-ch, TTL, 100MHz
Mux / Matrix Switching
TopologiesTwo 2x16 1-wire matrix
Two 2x8 1-wire matrix
Switch Ratings37VDC, 0.5A; 10W max., 1MHz bandwidth
General Purpose Relays
Relay ConfigurationTwo SPDT, 30VDC @ 5A
Fixed Power Supplies
QuantityUp to 3
Power Options5, 12, +15, 24; up to 5A each
ControlIndependent enable relays
Number of Ports2
Port OptionsRS-232, RS-422/485, CAN, SPI, I2C
Mass InterconnectVPC i1, 160 pin
Programmable Indicators1 red LED
1 green LED
Programmable Pushbuttons2x momentary
Manual ProbesExternal DMM banana jacks
USB1x USB-B In (control)
1x USB-A Out
GroundingUSB wrist strap
Dimensions20” W x 16.25” D x 4.25” H
Weight25 lbs


i1 plug for compactUTS connection to the DUT

UUTs by the compactUTS are connected via cable or a cable/interface test adapter (ITA). Each cable employs an electrically keyed i1 plug with internal configuration jumpers and leads connecting to test points on the UUT and/or ITA. Bloomy provides one plug populated with flying leads with each compactUTS. Bloomy can also provide turn-key cables and ITA fixtures, as well as with test sequence development.

A Self-test Suite is also available that includes a specially configured i1 plug and test sequence to exercise all of the instrumentation and switching though to the mass interconnect, assuring the proper functioning of the cUTS in day-to-day test operations.