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High-precision thermocouple signal conditioning for SLSC

Bloomy’s 8-Channel Thermocouple Simulator Module provides eight channels of galvanically-isolated thermocouple simulation and simulates types E, J, K, M, N, and T thermocouples. High-precision digital-to-analog converters which are isolated from each other and from system power provide sub-microvolt resolution and accuracy. Built-in switching provides open-circuit faults as well as switching to system calibration resources.

This module requires the use of NI's PXIe-7820 or better.

Bloomy's 8-Channel Thermocouple Simulator Module can be used in a range of test system applications including:

  • Real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)/closed-loop test systems
  • Electronic engine control (EEC) test systems
  • Flight control computer (FCC) test systems
  • Environmental control test systems

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8-Channel Thermocouple Simulator Module features include:

  • 8-channels of isolated high-precision voltage output
  • Isolated to ±60V channel to channel and channel to ground
  • Simulates types E, J, K, M, N and T thermocouples
  • On-board and remote cold junction compensation
  • On-board open-circuit fault injection capability
  • Automatic calibration of output voltage using SLSC calibration resources as references
  • High-stability, low noise circuits for longterm reliability and high accuracy

Meets National Instruments SLSC Module Specification
RequiresNI PXIe-7820 (or better)
Channels8 thermocouple simulations, types E, J, K, M, N, T
(independently selectable per channel)
Cold-Junction CompensationTwo external 10ΩK thermistors, on-board solid-state temperature sensor
Isolation±60V channel/channel, channel/ground
Power+15VDC/33mA, -15VDC/33mA, +5VDC/200mA, +3.3VDC/33mA
Software InterfaceLabVIEW Driver 2015+
VeriStand Driver 2015+
Part NumberDescription
1200-000318-Channel Thermocouple Simulator for SLSC

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