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Just about everything Bloomy does is related to test. Our automation expertise can help your project succeed.

We apply a lot of engineering to automated test; mechanical, electrical, software and test engineering disciplines all come together in the creation and delivery of a test system. Examples of custom turnkey systems are presented in the case studies below; click the slideshow to see more instances of custom automated test systems.  

Chip-Scale Atomic Clock Package Tester

By fully utilizing the analog and digital testing capability of the compactUTS, this test solution, completely programmed in LabVIEW, enables four-up testing of a revolutionary time keeping product.  

Ruggedized Analog Pre-Amp Tester

With ruggedized protection for the PXI instrumentation, this harsh conditions tester enables engineers in the field to test and calibrate key electronics in a seismic sensing system.

Insulin Pump Test System

Employing pneumatic actuation in the test fixture, insulin pump subassemblies are tested in production to assure that only properly functioning units proceed to final assembly. 

Hipot, Functional, Burn-In Automated Test System

Bloomy delivered an Automated Test System (ATS) for Phoenix Contact that provides manufacturing testing and quality control for the Foundation Fieldbus and strain gage accessory products. 

Life-Critical Defibrillator Functional Test using the Bloomy UTS

When life depends on electronics that must work every time, there is no substitute for the confidence provided by robust automated electronics functional test. Bloomy provided a specialized version of the UTS electronics functional test platform for ZOLL Medical Corporation.