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Bloomy Software Update Simplifies Control of Multiple Battery Simulator 1200 Instruments

Monday, January 6, 2020

Simulate a variety of battery module, string and pack configurations up to 1,000V

WINDSOR, Conn. – January 6, 2020 – Addressing the demand for variety in battery test configurations, Bloomy released version 3 of the Soft Front Panel for its Battery Simulator 1200. The Battery Simulator 1200 provides 12 independently programmable cells that sink and source current for safe, efficient testing of battery management systems (BMS). The updated Soft Front Panel application provides a more intuitive interface for a PC to connect, monitor and control multiple Battery Simulator 1200 instruments over CAN and Ethernet interface ports. The update also simplifies configuration capabilities, enabling battery electrification companies to more easily simulate a variety of module, string and pack configurations.

The Soft Front Panel version 3 main control panel monitors and controls multiple Battery Simulator 1200 instruments.


The new Soft Front Panel displays the control panel for each 12-cell Battery Simulator 1200 instrument, selectable from a drop-down menu. Interactive monitoring and control of cell voltages and currents as well as accessory analog and digital inputs and outputs is provided. Instrument communication settings, including CAN or Ethernet mode as well as Box ID or IP address, can be changed programmatically.

Bloomy also has updated the LabVIEW driver for its Battery Simulator 1200. The Soft Front Panel and LabVIEW driver are available now for free download by registered visitors at

About the Battery Simulator 1200

The Battery Simulator 1200 from Bloomy sets cell voltages quickly, without delays associated with charging and discharging real cells, and simulates many common faults without the hazard of real batteries. The instrument is isolated to 1000V channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground, allowing users to connect hundreds of cells in series from multiple Battery Simulator 1200 instruments. The Battery Simulator 1200 is FCC- and CE-certified and used by battery electrification companies worldwide.