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BLOOMY’s EFT™ Module for TestStand is Now Available Down Under

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Wired-in Software uses BLOOMY’s EFT™ Module for TestStand to reduce lead time, and increase maintainability of automated test systems designed, built and delivered in Australia and New Zealand

Bloomy Controls, Inc. (BLOOMY®) and Wired-in Software Pty Ltd (Wired-in) today announce the availability as well as multiple successful deployments of BLOOMY’s EFT™ Module for TestStand with Wired-in’s varied offering of automated test equipment, for customers principally located in Australia and New Zealand. The test systems are developed and deployed faster and are more readily maintainable as a result of this software.

Wired-in is an NI Systems Integration Partner specializing in LabVIEW applications and turnkey test systems with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Wired-in strives to deliver test systems following the industry’s best professional practices. Wired-in has chosen their default test software architecture combining NI TestStand and the BLOOMY EFT™ Module for TestStand. Applications deployed to date include test systems for fleet transportation telematics and photovoltaic module testing.

“At Wired-in, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our automated test system offering and value we bring to our customers” says Chris Farmer, Managing Director and Founder of Wired-in. “The BLOOMY EFT™ Module is a standard architecture for NI TestStand that has saved us time implementing and maintaining test systems and test sequences. Our successful deployments already include complex test systems for fleet transportation telematics, photovoltaic modules, as well as hipot testing.

The thing that impressed me the most was the large number and maturity of the out of the box instrument drivers that were provided with the EFT’s Hardware Access Framework (HAF) feature, as well as the generic serial communications feature. A recent project required a full suite of drivers for an NI PXI including multiple NI Switch, DAQ, DMM, SMU, eLoad, DIO, and PSU cards, and most of these were readily available in the BLOOMY EFT™ Module. For the devices that didn’t have a driver, it was easy to develop the required LabVIEW code using the templates to include new devices into the framework (and have already been reused in follow on projects). And as for the communication devices, all we had to do was explicitly lay out all of the commands and responses – no coding required - to develop a 60-command custom driver!

The test systems were delivered faster and were easier to program because of the HAF. The benefits are sufficiently compelling such that we are standardizing on the BLOOMY EFT and NI TestStand as our preferred choice on all of our automated test systems that require a test executive”.

The EFT™ Module for TestStand consists of hardware and measurement abstraction layers (HAL/MALs), an operator interface, and database connectivity. The HAL/MALs are facilitated by the hardware access framework or HAF, which dramatically reduces test sequence development effort and maintenance by decoupling the test code from the instrument-specific command syntax. This allows test engineers to focus on testing products instead of designing and maintaining the test software.

Wired-in is authorized by BLOOMY to sell and support the EFT under a reseller agreement. “Wired-in is truly at the forefront of any new developments, techniques or updates occurring within the test and measurement industry”, says Jim Kostinden, Principle Engineer at BLOOMY. “We are pleased to team with Wired-in to promote industry best practices globally, now including Australia and New Zealand.”

About Wired-in

Wired-in Software Pty Ltd (Wired-in) creates turnkey test systems and carry out LabVIEW Consulting services for manufacturers of complex electronic products looking to scale up production, establish a strong quality process and achieve high quality from the outset. With customers all around Australia and New Zealand in Manufacturing, Scientific, Testing Services, and Automotive industries (among others), we are building automated test systems that help improve production efficiency and product quality.


Bloomy Controls, Inc. (BLOOMY®) provides automated test solutions for mission-critical and emerging applications which increase product safety, performance, and reliability while reducing the cost of test. Our solutions, which test every phase of a product lifecycle from R&D to validation and production, are ready for the digitally-transformed future with ThreadReady™ and ThreadEnabled™ technologies. BLOOMY’s products and services have demonstrated the world’s best professional practices and the highest level of integrity for more than 30 years!

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