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Meet With Bloomy at NI Connect

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Let’s chat about our solutions for aerospace HIL validation, battery test and simulation, as well as electronics functional test; connecting validation, integration, and production with a digital thread!

Bloomy will be back in Austin, TX for NI Connect from 05/21-05/24. Our distinguished travel team will be focused on driving interaction with our partners and customers comprising the “NI ecosystem”, around Bloomy’s key test and simulation products and platforms serving aerospace, autonomous systems, battery electrification, defense, and electronics.

Aerospace LRU HIL Validation

Bloomy has more than 50 years of combined experience in the design and assembly of Simulation Systems for aerospace and defense, including LRU HIL validation as well as systems integration labs or SILs. In fact, the NI LRU HIL architecture was conceptualized in our company’s Marlborough, MA and Windsor, CT conference rooms, and first publicly demonstrated at NIWeek 2016. Since then, we have delivered over 25 large-scale Simulation Systems utilizing the transformative NI Switch, Load and Signal Conditioning (SLSC) architecture to airframers, Tier 1 suppliers, and transportation companies, globally. Our world-class team of engineers are constantly pushing limits to meet our customers’ most challenging validation and integration test requirements for electronic engine controls (EECs), flight control computers (FCCs), mission systems, environmental control systems (ECSs), full authority digital engine control systems (FADECs), cockpit panel instruments and many more. Whether you need custom SLSC cards, highly efficient C++ models, VeriStand custom devices, advanced synchronization, or a turnkey systems integration partner, our team is ready to tackle even the most complex HIL simulator requirements. Speaking of advanced synchronization, be sure to attend “High-Speed Synchronization with NI-TClk”, an NI Connect technical session that will be presented by Bloomy’s Ryan Vallieres.

Battery Test and Simulation

Since 2008, with the delivery of our first BMS test system, battery test and simulation has been a major focus area for Bloomy. We have released products and solutions for a wide range of battery electrification applications from wearable and even implantable medical devices, through power tools and equipment, as well as electric vehicles and grid storage companies globally! These offerings include the industry’s first commercial battery cell simulator instrument, the Battery Simulator 1200, as well as many standardized battery and BMS test systems. At NI Connect, we will be traveling with a prototype of our latest yet-to-be-formally-released BMS test platform, the Desktop BMS HIL Test System. Please contact us if you’d like a demonstration.

Electronics Functional Test 

Automated electronics functional test has been at the core of Bloomy since our inception in 1992. We provide flexible, reusable functional test systems from our USB-controlled compactUTS, to our PXI-based UTS and xUTS platforms, also known as our Universal Test System (UTS™) product family. This year we introduce the midUTS™, the latest addition to the UTSTM family, combining benchtop portability with powerful PCBA test functionality at an optimized price between our cUTS and UTS.

As you can see, we continue to innovate in collaboration with NI and the ecosystem to provide more solutions to meet the needs of our customers, from high-volume commercial electronics to high-complexity niche systems, with even more automated configurability. This collaboration will be on full display during an NI Connect exclusive session: “Practical Implementation of a Standardized Test Architecture Framework”, in which Bloomy’s Cole Reeder will serve as a panelist. Furthermore, our highly popular EFT Module, which exemplifies measurement abstraction and operator interaction in NI TestStand, continues to evolve to support our customers’ digital transformation and model-based systems engineering (MBSE) initiatives. Come talk to us about how we can help you bring your product and test requirements to fruition faster, with dramatically reduced software development, and connected by a digital thread.

Technical Sessions

If you are attending NI Connect, please be sure to attend these sessions:

High-Speed Synchronization with NI-TClk
Date: Tuesday, May 23rd
Time: 2:00 pm
Location: Ballroom G
Presented by: Ryan Vallieres, Embedded Software Engineering Specialist

Join Ryan as he presents on the integrated timing and synchronization capabilities of PXI. Learn the best practices for using NI-TClk to synchronize high-speed signal acquisition and generation between devices in one or more chassis.

Practical Implementation of a Standardized Test Architecture Framework - NI Connect Panel Discussion
Date: Wednesday, May 24th
Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Location: TBA
Presented by: Cole Reeder, Business Development Manager

We will be mobile, so please contact us to arrange a meeting, or call/text as follows:

Cole Reeder       (860) 956-5376
Grant Gothing   (508) 271-7340
Ryan Vallieres    (860) 607-2042