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HIL Fundamentals Using VeriStand

In the HIL Fundamentals Using VeriStand Course, you will learn how to use the out-of-the-box features of VeriStand to develop real-time testing applications. This course introduces real-time testing and walks you through building a VeriStand test system that includes real-time simulation, hardware I/O, and alarming. You also learn to create sophisticated real-time stimulus profiles to stimulate a unit under test and log its responses to a variety of real-world conditions.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Real-Time Test
  • Introduction to VeriStand
  • Implementing Models in VeriStand
  • Configuring Hardware for HIL Systems
  • Mapping and Managing Channels
  • Detecting and Responding to Events
  • Applying Stimuli to Validate Test Requirements
  • Logging Data in VeriStand
  • Automating VeriStand
  • Diagnosing and Benchmarking the System
  • Distributing VeriStand Applications


  • Experience with Microsoft Windows
  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with Embedded Networks
  • Familiarity with TestStand

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