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Simplified evaluation of multiple battery management systems

The FLEX BMS™ Validation System is a quick-connecting, highly flexible test system for rapid evaluation of centralized, single-board and distributed battery management systems. Utilizing Bloomy’s industry-leading battery cell simulators, COTS instrumentation, and industry-standard connectors and models that run in real-time, the FLEX BMS™ Validation System can easily be reconfigured to test a wide variety of BMSs. The FLEX BMS™ Validation System is used by national and regional safety and standards labs for certifying the BMS for a wide array of e-mobility products and applications.

  • Up to 48 cells of simulation
  • Voltage- or resistance-based thermistor simulation
  • Simulate real pack current charging and discharging up to 600A through the BMS
  • Simulate and monitor all BMS IO signals & communications
  • Easily reconfigurable with standard DSub connectors and breakout boards
  • Intuitive UI with model-based or direct IO control of simulated signals

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