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Reviews for The LabVIEW Style Book


Evaluation Engineering
"Informed Design" by Tom Lecklider, Senior Technical Editor

Test & Measurement World - 9/1/2007
"Use LabVIEW with Style", Martin Rowe, Senior Technical Editor

Electronic Design - 10/3/2007
"The LabVIEW Style Book" by William Wong, Senior Editor

Control Engineering - 04/26/2007
"LabVIEW Programming with Style!" by C.G. Masi, Senior Editor

Test & Measurement World - 5/3/2007
"Use LabVIEW with Style" by Martin Rowe, Senior Technical Editor
Customer reviews by W Boudville, Governatori Graziano, and Calvinnme


Derek Price
"I've started reading your new book and this is the one I've been waiting for. I've been a professional software developer for about 10 years, but mostly in text-based languages (C, C++, C#, VB, etc.). Switching to exclusive LabVIEW development is very different to say the least. Thanks again for all the great work!"  
— Derek Price, SRD Corp., Orono, ME

Dave Taylor
"I've read a lot of technical books over the years and never found one that even comes close to what yours has done for me. The clarity and reasoning are superb and the book paid for itself in the first week, maybe even the first day. Take care and thanks again!" 
— Dave Taylor, Lund Observatory, University of Sweden

Ted Jochum
"It is the best book on LabVIEW that I've seen so far. It has cut my learning curve in half. What brings it all together for me is Chapter 8 - Design Patterns."  
— Ted Jochum, Fort Collins, CO

Mark Shepard
"I completed your book on Saturday and then proceeded to write some VIs to control a Galil servo system. I had great success... I have your book to credit. Thank you again for sharing your years of experience in this way. Clearly you saved me months of discovery in determining good style."  
— Mark Shepard, Adaptive Control Systems, Bennington, VT