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BMS Development and Test Presentation at AETC

November 8, 2013

The recent partnership of Nuvation and Bloomy has led to a joint presentation at the Advanced Energy Technology Congress in San Diego, CA on November 12 to 15. Michael Worry, CEO of Nuvation, and Jonathan Murray, Business Unit Leader of Bloomy Energy Systems, discussed the advancements of Battery Management Systems (BMS) and how to improve reliability through testing with a Battery HIL Test System. The presentation is part of Battery Safety 2013, focused on the advancements in system design, integration, and testing for safety and reliability.

Presentation Abstract:

Today’s batteries rely on an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) for optimal operation, and with properly engineered, precise closed-loop electronics, there is little excuse for the recent news catching the attention of the popular press. We explored the complexity of a large format lithium pack in a custom electric race car (E.Rex) that has a top speed of 160 mph and a 200+ mile range with 1000+ A current surges on a 350VDC battery pack. The design considerations for a large format BMS including monitoring the voltage and balancing hundreds of cells, redundant electronics and a fault-tolerant system design; along with the need for multiple levels of physical, electrical and software noise immunity were discussed. The ability to safely, accurately, and repeatedly test and simulate standard and non-standard pack events ensures the BMS critical functionality is always operating correctly. Having a common test platform throughout the design, validation, and manufacturing process of a BMS reduces production costs and improves system reliability.

Bloomy also exhibited at The Advanced Energy Technology Congress, providing a demonstration of the Battery Simulator 1200™, our latest product focused on providing a fast, safe, and efficient means of testing a BMS. The Battery Simulator 1200™ is part of the BMS test tool chain that provides a safe and efficient method for battery, grid storage, and automotive companies to test a BMS from R&D to manufacturing final test. Learn More...

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