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Recapping The Battery Show 2014

January 7, 2015

Bloomy’s participation at The Battery Show Expo for Advanced Batteries in Novi, MI consisted of an exhibition, a presentation, and participation in the open-tech forum, all of which allowed attendees to learn valuable BMS test insights. Bloomy partnered with Nuvation to exhibit Bloomy’s BMS HIL Test System that was configured to perform software validation of the Nuvation BMS. The BMS HIL Test System iteratively ran test scripts in order to validate the cell balancing algorithms, SOC, SOH, response to over temperature, over voltage, under voltage, and many other common battery conditions. 

During the conference's BMS track, Peter Blume presented BMS Test Throughout the BMS Development Lifecycle. This presentation identified the six phases of BMS design and manufacturing, and Peter provided common test techniques applicable to each phase.

Additionally, Peter was a panelist in the Open Technology Forum discussion on The Future of Large-Scale Battery Management System Design along with Michael Worry, President and CEO of Nuvation, and Greg Zimmer, Senior Product Marketing Engineer of Linear Technology. During this 45 minute session, the panel discussed how BMS electronics design decisions and test strategies can minimize system cost, maximize pack range and lifetime, optimize performance, and help ensure safety. Topics included active versus passive balancing; pack simulation and when to connect the BMS to real batteries; as well as various BMS architectures. For more information on Bloomy’s BMS test equipment, please visit our BMS test web pages.


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