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Acquiring In-Flight Parafoil Performance Data from LabVIEW Virtual Cockpit


Pioneer Aerospace Corporation in South Windsor, CT ( manufactures state-of-the-art aerodynamic decelerator systems, including parafoils designed for military high-altitude free-fall operations and cargo delivery.


Provide real-time flight control interface to allow pilot on ground to interactively fly and collect parafoil performance data.


Create a LabVIEW virtual cockpit that provides full flight control of parafoil and displays all relevant parafoil position and performance data.


Key products used:

  • National Instruments LabVIEW


Pioneer Aerospace – faced with a tight schedule and limited budget – quickly received and deployed a highly configurable, easy-to-use flight control interface.


“Bloomy provided excellent service in creating a flight control, mission display, and data acquisition interface pursuant to our requirements and direction. It was a pleasure to work with a highly motivated, intelligent, and affable staff.”

– Roger Emerick, Engineering Program Manager, Pioneer Aerospace Corp.