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Aerospace SIL Data Acquisition, Playback, Analysis, and Simulation


A worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of commercial and military helicopters.


Integration and testing of advanced helicopter flight control systems, including every item from the cockpit controls to the control surface actuators and the flight computers, as well as the equipment required to support these components. High-speed acquisition and playback of 800+ channels of time-synchronized analog and digital data from multiple data sources.


Systems integration lab (SIL) data system with IRIG-B time synchronization of analog and digital data from multiple sources, high-throughput data recording, analysis, simulation, and playback. The system is developed by Bloomy using commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software from National Instruments, and combining many other disparate data systems.


  • Acquire, simulate, and control multiple real and simulated computer, electronic, hydraulic, and mechanical systems
  • 850 channels of analog sensor data acquired up to 50 kS/sec, and synchronized to within 4 µS
  • Analog data includes pressure, temperature, flow, force, position, speed, torque, relative humidity, power,
  • Digital data includes MIL-STD-1553B and ARINC-429 avionic buses
  • LVDT, RVDT signals acquired using NI MXI express RIO and FPGA
  • Pre- and post-event triggering
  • Combines and correlates data from multiple independent, disparate data systems synchronized via IRIG-B timing source
  • 65MB/sec data recording to 25 Terabyte networked repository
  • 4 Hour local storage buffer via RAID drive
  • Live remote monitoring, playback, and analysis
  • Multiple user terminals
  • Custom user display panels created by test engineers on-the-fly, while a test is running
  • 5 Hz real-time remote client user interface updates
  • COTS hardware and software from National Instruments reduces cost
  • Reusable software modules from Bloomy increase reliability and reduce lead times


Bloomy’s SIL data system allows testing and simulation of every system component on the aircraft. The functionality of these complex integrated systems are fully tested, debugged, and verified safely in the lab prior to flight testing. This reduces cost and schedule for new aircraft. Bloomy has applied its expertise to multiple SILs.