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Curve Trace System

IC Screening for Failure Analysis Laboratories

Utilizing industry-standard PXI hardware and LabVIEW software, Bloomy's Curve Trace System provides high density, high speed and fully automated IC electrical characterization. Current versus voltage curves can be generated for any combination of pins to characterize a large assortment of ICs.  The system can also rapidly identify faults in semiconductor devices by automatically comparing against a known good device's profile. The standard Curve Trace System uses a high resolution source measurement unit (SMU) with a -20V to a +20V range to perform I-V sweeps on selected IC pins (up to 1024) in tens of milliseconds.  High-speed switching enables up to 500 curve traces per minute.

Standard Features

  • Characterize ICs with up to 1024 pins
    • 4 busses (optional 8 bus multiple Vdd configurations)
    • PGA ZIF socket interface (100 mil grid)
  • Four quadrant voltage-current curves
    • -20V to +20V sweep range, upto 1 nA and 0.1 mV resolution.
  • Supports standard IC packages via socketed daughtercards (available separately)
    • BGA, PGA, DIP, SIP, SZIP, and more
  • Ready to run software package
    • Powered, Continuous and basic curve trace capabilities
    • Golden Unit comparison
  • Easy configuration of device pin and daughtercard socket maps
  • Recall system configurations and test parameters
  • User management and login


The standard Curve Trace System supports 4 busses and up to 1024 pins with a single Vdd. Customized Curve Trace System configurations are available to meet your exact needs, with more busses, power, and/or higher or lower pin count. The system application can be modified to provide additional curve trace modes, new reporting options, database integration, and more.