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Life-Critical Defibrillator Functional Test Using the Bloomy UTS


Zoll Medical Corporation (ZOLL), a leader in medical devices and software solutions.


Minimize the test engineering labor involved in the development and validation of manufacturing automated test equipment (ATE) for ZOLL’s defibrillator products. Replace a legacy in-house rack-and-stack ATE approach with a standardized functional test platform that can be quickly replicated and adapted for new products.

Previous functional test implementations employed GPIB and serially-controlled rack-and-stack instruments, power supplies and switching; interfaced through a mass-interconnect to which product-specific test fixtures are attached. Development, assembly and verification of these systems took months to years, as engineers rarely had time to dedicate solely to ATE development. Furthermore, ATE development schedules often compete with aggressive product launch schedules, challenging the test engineering team to complete their work without affecting production schedules.


ZOLL contracted Bloomy to provide a specialized version of the company’s UTS functional test platform. Starting with only a simple block diagram, Bloomy engineers configured a UTS with the standard Bloomy power distribution unit, NI PXI chassis with controller, DMM, function generator, DAQ, industrial DIO, switch matrix, and multiplexer. Additionally, three GPIB-controlled battery simulators, a USB-controlled defibrillator analyzer, uninterruptable power supply, and custom ZOLL load electronics were integrated into the system. A Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC) mass-interconnect fixture receiver provides connectivity between the UTS and the defibrillator’s interface test adapters (ITAs). Each ITA is electrically keyed, enabling the UTS to identify the product and automatically load the proper test sequence.

UTS Features

  • Commercial, off-the-shelf hardware and software based on Bloomy’s UTS™ functional test platform
    • NI PXI Instrumentation provides calibrated measurements that are fast and accurate
    • NI LabVIEW and TestStand facilitate test software development
    • Bloomy power distribution and control unit provides safe system power up, status indicator lights, interlock circuits, and emergency power-off button
    • VPC mass-interconnect receiver and defibrillator ITA facilitate quick product changeover
    • Shop air pressure management and control system provides mechanical actuation of ITA
    • Adjustable height, side-mounted keyboard, mouse, and monitor promotes ergonomics
    • Self-test ITA and test sequence verifies proper operation and reports any issues
  • Robust and reliable for life-critical product testing
  • Increases test throughput via greater levels of automation
  • Shortens ATE development lead times without consuming valuable test engineering resources
  • Successfully deployed to contract manufacturers overseas
  • Streamlines new product introductions!


The specialized version of Bloomy’s UTS has been a reliable and robust platform for manufacturing functional test of ZOLL’s life-critical defibrillator products. Outsourcing the design, assembly, and integration to Bloomy has allowed ZOLL’s test engineers to focus on product-specific test development and validation. Additional UTSs are now procured via a one-line requisition, and delivered by Bloomy in weeks rather than months. ZOLL’s test engineering team remains lean and efficient, while having the ability to scale test operations quickly.


Commenting on the fast and timely delivery of his latest UTS from Bloomy, ZOLL Senior Test Engineer Shad Plante said “I’ve never been this far ahead on test for a new product introduction - it’s a godsend!”