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Rocket Monitor and Test System

A modular, high-channel-count, mixed-signal turnkey data acquisition and control system based on the National Instruments PXI platform.

The system has an intuitive operator interface running on the Windows environment for test scenario configuration while the rocket control, data acquisition, and deterministic features are implemented on a real-time PXI controller. The system provides a high level of configurability including assigning channel names, scaling inputs, setting redline conditions, and specifying test sequences.


  • Deterministic system control
  • Logging of over 200 system channels
  • 96 Analog inputs configurable for multiple sensors such as pressure and flow gauges
  • 48 Strain gauge channels
  • 64 Thermocouples
  • 56 Control relays for fuel valves, pressure tanks, and rocket igniters
  • Intuitive user interface for data acquisition monitoring, alarm functions, timed relay actions, and redline cutoff setup