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Ruggedized Analog Preamp Tester


Raytheon - BBN Technologies


Provide test and calibration capability for a 24 channel seismic sensor preamp using off-the-shelf PXI instrumentation packaged and interfaced to survive rough handling during transport, and for use in harsh outdoor and underground conditions.


Employed a robust transport case with internal shock-mounted 19” frame to support a PXI chassis with MXI connectivity, power supply and cabling. The chassis contains two electromagnetic multiplexer cards (PXI-2503), one 24-bit dynamic signal acquisition and generation card (PXI-4461).  Components and cabling were protected by many internal support brackets and strain reliefs. 


  • Field deployable PXI instrumentation
  • 24-bit dynamic signal analyzer
  • Low-voltage, low resistance electromagnetic relay multiplexer
  • Robust connectorization with internal strain relief
  • Circuit breaker power protection


This rugged instrumentation system enables engineers to rapidly and reliably test and calibrate sensors in final functional production test and in harsh conditions throughout the world.  By replacing manual testing a channel at a time, test times are dramitaclly reduced by automatically switching the high precision stimulus and measurement instruments among all the 24 preamp channels.