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Wind Turbine Monitoring Systems


FloDesign Wind Turbines

ChallengeFlodesign Wind Turbine

A leading research and design firm building cutting edge turbines for the wind power industry requires a broad spectrum of data to be collected from deployed systems to characterize the structure and optimize power generation.


Bloomy developed a distributed network of ruggedized data acquisition systems to continuously stream synchronized data from a wide array of sensors with over 100 critical turbine measurements.


Measurements included:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Temperature, pressure, and humidity
  • Rotor speed and position
  • Turbine yaw position
  • Braking control system
  • Turbine and tower strain
  • Inverter voltages, currents, and power calculations


The system provided a means of collecting and storing all critical measurement data offline for immediate use, while simultaneously providing remote access to real-time monitoring of system data and controls.  Self-restoring network connections coupled with redundant data backup mechanisms ensured that even in adverse environmental conditions, individual system branches could operate independently to ensure data collection was complete and uninterrupted.