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compactUTS Data Sheet

functional test, simplified.

Sometimes functional test does not require a big fancy test rack – but your operation needs test solutions that can scale.That’s why Bloomy Controls created the compactUTS™ (cUTS) functional test platform. Packing all the functionality you’ll need for automatically testing simple PCBAs, subassemblies and products, you can use our powerful Universal Test System LabVIEW/TestStand software suite to develop test programs that execute on your PC. Or, have us create a turnkey cUTS hardware/software solution, we are experts in functional test!

Built around precision NI DAQ and DMM instrumentation and our own switch matrix and power control, you can connect up to 50 testpoints to your device through a robust VPC i1 mass-interconnect. The cUTS can automatically test many different mixed-signal electronic devices by employing unit under test (UUT)-specific cables that trigger the system to run associated test procedures.