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Battery Management System HIL - NIWeek 2015

Lithium-Ion batteries, such as those used in hybrid and electric vehicles, require sophisticated battery management systems (BMS) to balance the cells, optimize performance and ensure safe operation. In this very brief video clip recorded at NIWeek 2015, Hector provides an overview of Bloomy's desktop demonstration version of the BMS HIL Test System. The demo simulates a battery comprised of 24 cells, 12 temperature sensors, pack current, high-speed CANbus communications, and more, by running 24 asynchronous cell models in real time. The system is comprised of two of Bloomy's Battery Simulator 1200 units connected in series, National Instruments PXI modular instrumentation, and VeriStand real-time test software. The BMS HIL Test System is ideal for BMS firmware test and validation.

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