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EFT Module for TestStand - Hardware Access Framework (HAF) Overview

The Hardware Access Framework (HAF) component of the Bloomy EFT Module for TestStand is a hardware and measurement abstraction framework that simplifies and speeds up test sequence development when interfacing with instrumentation. By allowing test sequences to be developed independent of hardware, the HAF also decouples hardware and software development, and allows test systems to more easily adapt to changing requirements.

In this video, we will provide a demonstration of how the Hardware Access Framework component of the EFT module for TestStand can greatly reduce test sequence development time, decouple hardware and software development, simplify maintenance, and improve sequence readability. The video walks through creating a TestStand sequence from scratch using the Hardware Access Framework to interface with instrumentation.

If you have the EFT module for TestStand installed, you can follow along using simulated hardware (described in the video) to create your own sequence.