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eVTOL HIL Validation Testing: from Tip to Battery to Tail


In this conference video recording, Bill Eccles presents the BLOOMY eVTOL Integrated HIL Test System. The session begins with a brief introduction to hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) validation testing including some of the traditional practices and pitfalls employed by legacy airframers. The presentation describes some of the specific challenges associated with eVTOL including new battery technology, resource limitations, as well as intense time-to-flight market competition. Bill discusses key features of the integrated HIL test system from BLOOMY, including the common test executive, hardware abstraction framework, battery cell simulation, and NI SLSC. Moreover, Bill explains the scalability of the system to test everything from drones to complete eVTOLs, resulting in reduced time-to-flight and increased time-in-flight.

This presentation was hand-recorded at the eVTOL Show USA in Palo Alto, CA on October 24, 2023. We apologize for some camera jitter.

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