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We Got Tired of Reinventing the Wheel – So We Build SILs Using COTS Technologies!


In this video, Bill Eccles, BLOOMY’s subject matter expert in System Integration Lab (SIL) development shares many techniques that BLOOMY uses to develop LRU test and simulation systems for SILs faster and more efficiently.

As primary collaborator with NI on SLSC standards, Bill presents Bloomy’s rapid development framework which is based on several simple but key innovations such as templatized designs, COTS hardware, and techniques from the agile software development methodology. By using this framework, Bloomy's systems project teams have been able to reduce system development times from months to weeks—if not days! Listen in to learn how you, too, can build your SILs more efficiently!

This presentation was recorded for NI's Aerospace and Defense Exchange on November 10, 2020

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