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Preface138 KBPreface 
Chapter 11,910 KBChapter 1: The Significance of Style05/04/2008
LabVIEW Project Specification Template98 KBUse this template for creating a LabVIEW project specification, as discussed in Chapter 2. 
Project Directory Template19 KBA hierarchy of folders for storing source files on disk, populated with several templates, including a LabVIEW project. The directory and project templates contain folder hierarchies organized according to the illustrations in Chapter 2.06/14/2007
Table 6-3: Controls and Data Types50 KBA spreadsheet containing the LabVIEW controls and supported data types, as shown in Table 6-3, without page breaks. This was contributed by reader Mark Shepard of North Bennigton, VT.06/07/2007
Design Pattern Templates 1.1
ZIP File
318 KBThis download contains several pattern templates and supporting utility VIs. The templates include the Immediate SubVI (8.1.1), Continuous Loop (8.1.3), Event-Handling Loop (8.1.4), Classic State Machine (8.2.1), Queued State Machine (8.2.2), and Event-Driven State Machine (8.2.3). The templates and utilities are accessed via a LabVIEW 8 style Project Library. Version 1.1 features the addition of the Producer-Consumer design pattern (4.3.4).09/12/2008
VI Analyzer Test Configuration23 KBVI Analyzer test configuration file contains custom test criteria and rankings according to the recommendations in Chapter 10.06/07/2007
Style Rules Checklist 1.1276 KBA checklist for conducting code reviews, as discussed in Chapter 10. Version 1.1 contains formatting improvements, including font styles indicating rule priority.09/12/2008