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Note from Prentice Hall concerning color illustrations

The LabVIEW Style Book is published in three (3) versions, one (1) print version which is black and white, no color, and two (2) eBook versions, in which many of the illustrations are in color. The eBook formats are ePub and PDF. Apple,, and sell the ePub eBook version for their eReader devices, respectively, the iPad, Kindle, and Nook. The publisher Prentice Hall sells both the ePub and PDF versions as a package for the price of just one version. They can be purchased from the Publisher's website,, and a  40% discount code is available via the link on this web page. There are customers who do not have an eReader device. The PDF version can be read using Adobe Reader or Adobe Editions which are free and can be download from

For a brief period of time, the color version of The LabVIEW Style Book was mistakenly sent to resellers and uploaded to their "look inside" or equivalent preview program, giving the impression that the print edition of the book was in color. Additionally, the black and white version mistakenly replaced the ePub eBook color version. These problems have been corrected. If you have an eBook that is black and white and prefer color, please download the update for your eReader device.

Bernard Goodwin
Executive Editor
Prentice Hall Professional