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Evolving System Integration Labs in the Era of Digital Transformation

A Brief Primer on Digital Transformation and its Implications for Test Systems and SILs

The nature of systems and product engineering is changing rapidly with the introduction and application of Digital Transformation and a toolset consisting of Model-Based Systems Engineering, the Digital Thread, and Digital Twin. Each of these tools is briefly introduced and examined, and several characteristics for test systems which are necessary for full digital transformation implementation are derived and enumerated. The progress that the author’s test equipment manufacturing and design firm is making towards providing COTS products which interact with models, the digital thread, and the digital twin is reviewed. Finally, a brief case study is reviewed which shows a 30% increase in test efficiency after implementing one of the enumerated characteristics, which was made possible through the use of COTS products.

Presented by Bill Eccles at the 2021 Vehicle Management System Technical Meeting hosted by the Philadelphia Chapter of the Vertical Flight Society (VFS).


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