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EnergyMAXAdvanced power monitoring and control

EnergyMAX is a real-time power-monitoring system ideally suited for AC and DC subsystem applications. The EnergyMAX power-monitoring system applies IEC 61000-4-30 standards for power quality measurements, and offers advanced analytic capabilities including voltage harmonics, dips, swells, and unbalanced phases. EnergyMAX provides easy integration of additional I/O such as DNP3 and Modbus communications, digital I/O, or temperature and vibration sensors to complete a full monitoring system. Features include:

  • Portable and permanent installations
  • Single- and three-phase AC power monitoring
  • High voltage DC circuit monitoring
  • Custom voltage and current measurement ranges
  • 20kS/s/ch simultaneous waveform acquisition
  • Options for control I/O, communications, and memory

The wide range of configurable measurement capabilities makes EnergyMAX a standard system for smart grid and energy storage monitoring. The following example shows EnergyMAX connected to a solar panel energy storage application.

The following is a typical configuration for a single EnergyMAX distribution location; multiple measurement locations can be synchronized. Higher voltage and current ranges, or customized channels are available.

AC Voltage 
3-phase connectionDelta or Wye
Channel sets2
Voltage Range400Vrms L-N, 800 Vrms L-L
Overvoltage withstand1000Vrms for 1sec
Surge withstand5kV for 100uS
Accuracy0.05% reading + 0.012% range
AC Current 
3-phase connectionDelta or Wye
Channel sets2
CT typeRogowski Coils
Current Range250 – 5000Arms
Linear Accuracy± 1%
Phase Angle< 0.5°
DC Voltage 
Channels2 differential
Voltage Range0 - 1000V
Accuracy± 0.5%
BandwidthDC to 25kHz
Surge withstand5KV
DC Current 
Channels2 differential
CT typeOpen-loop Hall effect
Current Range200 – 2000Arms
Accuracy± 1%
BandwidthDC to 6kHz
Thermocouple typesJ, K, T types
Accuracy± 0.5°C
Supported ProtocolsModbus, DNP 3.0, IEC 61850
SupportedGPS, IEEE-1588, NI-Sync